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Ford Escape VIN Decoder

Ford Escape is a four-generation crossover SUV that released its original model in 2000 for the 2001 model year. So, if you decide to own your Ford Escape, make sure to have a VIN lookup before purchasing it. VIN number will give you a ton of information you can think of such as the vehicle’s history, the name of the manufacturer, the production year, characteristics of the specific model, etc. Let’s explore more about VIN lookup possibilities and see what details it can provide to keep you away from buying salvaged or lemon cars.

How do you decode a Ford Escape VIN number?

A 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) encodes information of vehicles that are manufactured all around the world. You might think of it as a social security number of a car that tells lots of details about it. Prior to purchasing your new or used Ford, you better check all the characteristics as well as the history of the car. That’s what the VIN number is for to answer many of the queries you might have when buying your new vehicle. With the help of a VIN search you will be able to unveil the following information:

  • Name of the manufacturer
  • Year of the manufacture
  • Special features about the model
  • And so much more

With the use of the VIN lookup tool, you can also detect the recalls history and find car parts to repair your Ford Escape.

In order to decode your vehicle’s VIN number, you must know that each alphanumeric code represents its own piece of information about the vehicle. The first character of Ford Escape VIN is number 1 indicating that the USA is the location where the car was manufactured. The next 16 characters that provide information about the vehicle are shown below, subsequently:

  • 2-3 characters on can can include the letter F which indicates the manufacturer is Ford
  • 4-8 characters will include info about the brand, series, the type of engine, etc.
  • 9th character- stands for the security code
  • 10th character- pinpoints the model’s production year
  • 11th character- detects the plant that the car produced in
  • Last 6 characters- serves as the serial number of the car

Where is the VIN number on a Ford Escape?

You can find the VIN number on Ford Escape by first looking at the driver’s side doorframe. If you didn’t locate it, try to check the lower, driver’s side corner of the vehicle’s windshield which may be viewable from the outside of your car. You can always check the documentation related to your car to know the VIN number. You must remember that the VIN number on the legal docs should always match the VIN number on the car.

What can your VIN number tell you about your Ford Escape?

As we discussed earlier, each character of the VIN has its own encoded information. By utilizing Ford Escape VIN lookup you will be able to discover the details of the model. Apart from the basic or characteristic features of the model you can also maintain the history report of the car and find out any accidents or repairs that have happened to the car. Moreover, the VIN number allows you to learn about the recalls history or search for the Ford Escape car parts when needed.