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Free Ford VIN Lookup and Decoder

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If you buy a second-hand vehicle, there may be a lot of problems that may concern your security and safety. This is rather serious. So, you do have to be careful. For this, you can search for some information about the automobile beforehand. How do you do that? Through your Ford Flex VIN decoder.

If you do not know how to use the tool, then you are in the right place. Read the article and learn what steps you are to take. It will help you picture the whole process and teach you how to decrypt the numerical chain.

Detailed Explanation Of Ford Flex VIN decoder

This special code that is also known as chassis number has 17 characters. Each of them conveys an important piece of information.

The code has three sections. The first section is the three digits that start the string. They represent the automobile's manufacturer. More specifically, the first one stands for the country of origin.

For example, the initial symbol should be 1, 4, or 5 in case the United States is the producer of your vehicle. If the producer is Germany, the letter W will be in the first position, and if it is Mexico, it will be 3.

The second character represents the name of the brand, that is, the initial letter of the name of the brand written there. The third one describes the type.

The following group describes the vehicle itself. For example, the digits from four to eight depict the engine size, type, and model. The ninth symbol is the check digit. It is a special symbol that they use to detect fraud. The tenth figure describes the year of your auto.

The eleventh character gives data on the plant where the product has been manufactured. The last six digits from twelve to seventeen represent the serial number. All cars have this number.

Where Is It Located?

The place where you can find it differs depending on the year of your auto. Try to look on the left side of the dashboard. It is usually located in the upper corner.

In case you do not detect it there, look for it on the door frame. It must be on the driverโ€™s side front door. If you do not find it there as well, then try to look through your registration papers.

How To See The Recalls?

Most of the cars with Takata airbags have been recalled. According to it, these airbag inflators have a risk of blast in case of an accident.

You can see whether your vehicle has a recall by going to the official web page of the brand. For further information, call 866-436-7332. This is the number of the brandโ€™s Customer Relationship Center in the US.

Note that if your car is under recall, you can fix it free of charge at the local Authorized Dealer.

How Do I Check My Identification Code Free?

You may check your identification code for free. For this, you should visit the Free Ford VIN Lookup and Decoder website that will reveal essential information. It is a rather simple process. Just open the website and fill in the numerals into the appropriate searching bar.

What are the benefits of using a FORD FLEX VIN decoder?

There are a lot of advantages. You get the current price. This may help you make a relevant decision on whether to buy the car or not.

You also learn info about the build-in parts. According to it, you decide what parts or even accessories to buy for repairing.

This process allows you to check the consistency of the data that the dealer gives you with the one that is written in the registration papers. Theft records are also provided. This means that you protect yourself from fraud by carrying out this procedure.