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Free Ford VIN Lookup and Decoder

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Are you planning on buying a Ford ECOSPORT car? You may need to get familiar with the details about this vehicle model before you purchase it. That’s when the VIN number comes to help you to answer a lot of your queries, and provide information about the vehicle’s history. In this article, you will learn how to unveil much-needed information with the VIN lookup and find out where the VIN is located in your car. Let’s get started!

How do you decode a Ford ECOSPORT VIN number?

Here is what you need to know about the Vehicle Identification Number or otherwise called the VIN number. It is basically the social security number of every manufactured vehicle you will come across. A 17 digit VIN number can tell info about your Ford such as the name of the manufacturer, the characteristics of the model, and the year of the vehicle’s manufacture. By utilizing our FORD ECOSPORT VIN lookup page you can also detect the recall history as well as the Ford parts or accessories you need to purchase online.

Each character of a 17-digit VIN number represents a piece of information about the vehicle. Ford ECOSPORT starts with the number 1 indicating the location of vehicle manufacture is in the US, following the letter F indicating the designated manufacturer which is Ford Inc. Subsequently, the letters and numbers encode various types of details are listed below:

  • 1- shows the location (USA) where the car was manufactured
  • 2-3 characters, e. g. F- indicates the designated manufacturer (Ford)
  • 4-8 characters- provides information about the brand, engine size, and the type, series
  • 9th character- identifies the security code
  • 10th character- model year
  • 11th character- denotes which plant assembled the vehicle
  • Last six characters- reveals the serial number of the car

Where is the VIN number on a Ford ECOSPORT?

To find the VIN number on your Ford ECOSPORT first check out the driver’s side door frame. If you can’t locate the VIN number there, try also taking a look at the lower, driver’s side corner of the car’s windshield (it can be viewable from outside your car). If your attempts are in vain and you couldn’t detect your vehicle’s VIN number, you can always check it on the documentation related to your Ford car such as on insurance cards, registration forms, or in maintenance records from your dealer. Keep in mind that the VIN number on the documents should always match the VIN of the car.

What can your VIN number tell you about your Ford ECOSPORT?

As we mentioned earlier, each character of the vehicle’s VIN number can provide details about the Ford ECOSPORT model you want to purchase. You will find out about the year of the car, the name of the manufacturer, and the characteristic features of the vehicle’s model. Apart from that, by VIN number lookup you can get the car’s history report and detect the records of previous owners, accidents, and repairs related to the car. Additionally, you can also learn about the recall history of the vehicle as well as look up the required car parts by typing the VIN number.